New Year Message

Dear readers,

As this is a special time, for the first time I will talk a little about me …

2010 was a year of transformation for me, I left a conventional job for working more broadly, with more people, issues and challenges …
Ideas that although they make my eyes sparkle and my heart beat faster, were not easy to start, as the new scares and unexplored field contains not yet imagined obstacles.

But all this has helped me to evolve as a human being, to understand that everything just “flows”, regardless of the direction that we think is “right”, I also learned to feel and to see new views and to love humanity, regardless from their mistakes and successes.

Changes, joys and learnings …

Yes, this was a year of major internal changes, a thorough review on everything,  that made me “intuit” better instead of just “thinking ” (I’m an engineer, remember? then the “reason” has always been easier than “feel “).

And my work is starting to germinate … the seed was strong and safe, it could live millennia this way without appearing (it was safer in conventional standards), but with special care, love and high purpose, resolved to open up and show … and now I can see their first leaves … 2011 will be the year of flowers and fruits … just wait …

This blog is a wonderful way to spread what I believe and to show that I don´t believe alone, as a song by Raul Seixas (a Brazilian singer), “dream you dream alone is only a dream you dream alone, but dream you dream together is reality “.

So, dear readers, my heartfelt thanks for sharing with me your ideas and feelings, for having thought about what I wrote, for giving me the opportunity to sow hope …

Wishing you a blessed Christmas and
A 2011 full of love, discovery, growth, peace, happiness, humanity …

Kind Regards and see you soon,

Ana Marques

About Ana Marques

Woman, scientist, consultant. But above all, a common human being, willing to help, share, transform!
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  1. andrew says:

    best wishes,

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