Education of the Integral Man – Part 2

Hello! Wow, I don´t write here for a long time (the life, the time, and the ways …) but I am very happy to be back!

Today I will continue the theme of education of the integral man!

According to Hubert Rohden in his book “Education of the Integral Man, ” the integral man can be represented by three circles partially overlapping and partially independent, leaving the center a common area to all circles:

 According to physics, the colorless light is the synthesis of all colors. When colorless light passes through a triangular prism, it unfolds in the seven colors of the rainbow.

Taking as a symbol of the soul the colorless light of the center, we understand that all circles can be affected by this light. Thus, the true education of the whole man can only come from the center of your Self, because just this colorless light hits the body, mind and emotions.

So we understand that the true education of the integral man only can be self-education, from the center of human nature, not an allo-education, based on any of the peripheral circles.

Now you may be wondering: then what is the role of the teacher? And I say, guess what? Show the way by which students can self-educate (remembering that education is different from instruction, see more in the previous post).

Or as Herman Hesse (literature Nobel Prize) wrote:
“Nothing can give you that there isn´t in yourself,
I cannot open another world of images beyond the one who
there is in your own soul.
Nothing can I give you unless the opportunity, the impulse, the
I will help to make visible your own world, and that’s all. ”

Still according Rohden, the supreme scope of education is to make man happy, really happy. True education shows man the way to be happy, be in joy, be in suffering. This happiness is not a “prize” given to the good man, happiness is himself, when his consciousness is in harmony with the soul of the Universe.

About Ana Marques

Woman, scientist, consultant. But above all, a common human being, willing to help, share, transform!
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4 Responses to Education of the Integral Man – Part 2

  1. Cristobal says:

    Very interesting posting. Certainly Master Rohden provides a holistic approach that is a very fortunate combination of buddism, Philosophy (Cosmology) and episthemology. It simple amazes me how well structured theese theories have been since the second half of the 20th century in Latinamerican countries (Pulo Freire, Orlando Fals Borda, Carlos Brandao, …) but eversince and nowaydays, we are still repeating the same old values of reproductive knowlege at all levels (elementary, superior and postgraduate).

    • Ana Marques says:

      Cristobal, thanks a lot for your comments. I would like to share with you that here in Brazil we have some examples (very rare yet, but they exists here!) of implementing of this theories in practice at all levels.

      At elementary school I have 2 examples in Joinville (Santa Catarina State, Brazil), the school “Sunset Village” (see more at: , sorry but is just in Portuguese) that have the following philosophy “The child is seen and respected as a integral man, integrated with nature, able to use their potential to transform and become, but above all be happy and cultivate joy, peace and harmony.” And the other is “Bom Jesus” school (see more at:

      At graduation school, I´m a teacher of a pilot project of teaching sustainability in an integral way for the best students of graduation universities here in Curitiba, it´s a project of Industry Federation and Federal University of Parana (see more at: , is my blog in Portuguese).

      At post graduation, I´m post graduation student at Transdisciplinary Formation, in a very different way of classes (see more at:

      And I´m also writing a project to teach leaders here in Curitiba in Integral Sustainability, using the way of Rohden Fritjop Capra and others.

      By the way, these week I´m in a Conference here in Curitiba about some of these transformation (see more at:

      Let me know if you want more information about these examples.

      Kind regards, Ana.

  2. Hello there Ana, good day

    I Like the subject and I´d like to share with you a link about it ! I Christian view of this mindset change:

    king regards !

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