World´s end X Sustainability

Much has been said about the end of world in 2012 … I sincerely hope this be true … Now you must be wondering…how a person who intends to write about “sustainability” wants the word´s end?
Calm down, I’ll explain … what I hope is the end of this world … of sick planet and unhappy people. And the solution can be much simpler and happier than we ever imagined.

Ancient cultures, such as the Mayans, did not believe in linear time of beginning and absolute ending as the Western culture. For these people the time is conceived in spiral form of permanent evolution, and then the end of a cycle does not mean the end of the world in the literal sense, but only the end of an era for a better one, more evolved.

So I propose a new way … happier … and more sustainable for all people … and the planet.

May people in world have more love, consciousness, compassion, communion… we are all one, independently of nationality, origin, beliefs…

May disappear borders between countries, hearts, hopes, humanities…

May enterprises follow purposes of greatest love, responsibility, honesty, planetary sustainability…

May the society of maximizing profits be replaced by the society of maximizing love … which is actually our most precious asset…

May war no longer be an excuse to peace … that peace be our constant breathing…

May we evolve together … as people, society, planet…

May love in the highest meaning, universal peace and shared happiness become our ways!

About Ana Marques

Woman, scientist, consultant. But above all, a common human being, willing to help, share, transform!
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2 Responses to World´s end X Sustainability

  1. Neil Davidson says:

    Dear Ana

    Long time no hear! Lovely to get your post – I always enjoy them. I understand you were studying this year?

    Colleagues and I are heavily involved in trying to enable the sort of world of which you speak. I am ‘working’ across several different networks, each currently operating separately as horizontal ecosystems, but between which I can see opportunities for vertical alignment.

    I have attached three draft documents from one of my networks, which includes my good friend and colleague Richard Mochelle.

    I’d be interested in your thoughts and the possible synergies between what you are doing and what we (and others) are attempting to do.

    If I miss you before Christmas (and the world doesn’t end 😉 please feel free to contact me in January.

    Have a good and safe Christmas.

    Kind regards

    Neil Davidson

    Collaborative Innovation Systems | Integrative Services | Wicked Solutions Broking | ph. 07 3848 1025 | mob. 0401 740 525 | Skype neil.davidson69

    Anticipatory systems’ design through productive synthesis across disciplines and cultures

    • Ana Marques says:

      Dear Neil,

      Thank you for your message and kind words.

      This year I worked a lot here in Brazil, mostly helping companies to work with sustainability concepts. But in the beginning of 2013 I will move to Netherland to finish my PhD, and then I will do my best to write more frequently 🙂

      Would be great to know more about the work that you are doing and maybe I also can contribute with opportunities for vertical alignment.

      I didn´t receive the documents that you told, could you be so kind to send them for my email:

      Happy Christmas!

      Kind regards,

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