Love & Sustainability

Hello! Let’s talk about love and sustainability! Wow, seems so different ideas, but they are much more connected than we might imagine 🙂

According to several ancient cultures, ignorance is a major cause of suffering. However, it’s not the ignorance related to the lack of information. It’s the ignorance related to a fundamental misunderstanding of perception of the true nature of self and all phenomena.


As Dalai Lama (1) states, all negative emotions and negative mental states (such as fear, greed and hatred) are ‘illusory’ mental states, since they are rooted in a misperception of the true reality of the situation. As powerful as they are, in the end these negative emotions have no valid basis, they are based on ignorance. On the other hand, all positive emotions and positive mental states (such as love and compassion), have a solid foundation. When the mind is experiencing these positive states, there is no misrepresentation because they are anchored in reality. They can be verified by our existence. There are a kind of solidity and rootedness in reason and understanding. For example, compassion, a positive emotion, comes from the fact that we do not want to suffer and we have right to happiness. This can be verified and legitimized by our experience. We recognize that other people, just as ourself, also do not want to suffer and also have the right to happiness. This becomes the basis to begin to generate compassion. As an example of negative mental state, greed, simply based on a state of dissatisfaction, of wanting more, even though the things we want are not actually needed. Thus, greed has no valid reasons to be legitimized.

But if all this is true, how to justify the negative mental state of a fear of destruction of our planet? How not to fight against this possibility ? How not to try to correct this unsustainable state of the planet? Well, if we put ourselves as “saviors of the world”, but motivated by fear, we will still be within the state of consciousness of ignorance / illusion. And it does not have much strength, in fact, we tried this for centuries and centuries. Whatever it is, if motivated by fear, it will be still in the old state of consciousness. But when it is motivated by love, then it has force! Then, we are not so interested in what we are against, we are interested in what we are favor (2).

Mahatma Gandhi always told people: “I am not against British rule, I favor the sovereignty of India, I support the rights of India. I’m not against anybody. “

Nelson Mandela was not against white people, he was in favor of the rights of black people.

Thus, let’s be in favor of life! Let’s be in favor of the full development of all human beings! Let’s be in favor of nature! Let’s be in favor of universal compassion! Let’s be in favor of love in the highest meaning!

“Someday after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harness…the energies of love. Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”  (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)



(1) Dalai Lama & Howard Cutler. The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living. Hodder General Publishing Division, 2009.

(2) Adyashanti


About Ana Marques

Woman, scientist, consultant. But above all, a common human being, willing to help, share, transform!
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10 Responses to Love & Sustainability

  1. Thank you Ana for the inspirational post! What a wonderful world this would be if all would share your view.

    • Ana Marques says:

      Dear Douglas,
      Thanks for the kind message 🙂
      We have a music in Brazil (singer Raul Seixas) that says:
      “Dream that you dream alone,
      is just a dream that you dream alone
      But dream that we dream together is reality.”

      Kind regards, Ana

  2. jordi_morrós says:

    Guau, Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin all together in the same post is like an exciting coctel.

    Please Ana, keep on writing this kind of inspired posts

    • Ana Marques says:

      Hi Jordi,
      Thanks for your lovely message 🙂
      This kind of support gives me certainty about writing on these less explored fields in sustainability.
      Because for me sustainability is not just a way of doing technical issues (e.g. clean energy), is also a way of being different, a way of seeing the world with “new eyes”. Therefore, sustainability can be “sustainable”.

      Kind regards, Ana

  3. Bolormaa Purevjav says:

    Dear Ana,
    A very inspiring article! I fully share your views, and strong points for sustainability and love!

  4. Sustainability is loving nature in its purest form and being in harmony & peace with the world.

    It is the conflicts that are the sources of unsustainability. They lead to actions that are not in conformance with the nature.

    Conflicts could of internal or external nature.

  5. Kumar K says:

    Hi Ana, you have connected the, hitherto unconnected, dots, so to speak, very well; seeing their links with sustainability theme is very interesting to think!! My sister happens to be doing a Phd on the topic of neuroscience and buddhist’s mental states/emotions, and I learnt a thing or two on the topic, and it is interesting to think about looking inside our minds for sustainability neural correlates!

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