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Woman, scientist, consultant. But above all, a common human being, willing to help, share, transform!

Education of the Integral Man – Part 2

Hello! Wow, I don´t write here for a long time (the life, the time, and the ways …) but I am very happy to be back! Today I will continue the theme of education of the integral man! According to … Continue reading

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Education of the Integral Man

Hello! I chose for the first post of this year a theme that I love and which I intend to dedicate myself this year, which is the Education of the Integral Man. But wait … you must be wondering what … Continue reading

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New Year Message

Dear readers, As this is a special time, for the first time I will talk a little about me … 2010 was a year of transformation for me, I left a conventional job for working more broadly, with more people, … Continue reading

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Theory of Living Systems – Part 2

Hello! Today we will see how the basic principles of ecosystems organization can be used to build sustainable human communities. Thus, taking into account the experience of over three billion years of evolution of Earth’s ecosystems, following are their principles … Continue reading

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Theory of Living Systems

Hello! Do you remember ever having seen before the following expression? “The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” Well, this is the basic notion of systems theory, which is currently opposing the mechanistic paradigm for the ecological … Continue reading

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What is Sustainability?

Welcome! This is my first post at this blog, and then I decided to start with a basic question… let´s see what sustainability means. In dictionaries can be found various meanings for the word “sustain”, for example: “maintain”, “support”, “endure”. … Continue reading

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